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Squirt / Doodles / King Pooty-Pants / Nugs / Tutu

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Birthday: 15 May 2018

What cartoon character am I: Taz (Looney Tunes) for sure

Favourite Toy: BALL but maybe disc..... no, definitely BALL

Favourite Snack: Cheese, the stinkier the better!

Favourite Activity: Boing'ing. Boing'ing 6ft in the air, boing'ing off Ma when she least expects it (that's the most fun one!)

Dislikes: When that snack you gave me turns out to be fruit or veg... how rude.

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Noodle / Roo / Poobs / Swamp Donkey

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Birthday: 17 November 2019

What cartoon character am I: Sid (Ice Age)

Favourite Toy: Disc! Although... Tui's tail is pretty fun to catch

Favourite Snack: Literally. Anything.

Favourite Activity: Playing in filthy water, I think that's why they call me Swamp Donkey? Ooh, and then snuggling Ma after!

Dislikes: Not getting enough snuggles. Please snuggle 24/7

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Tiny Terror / She-demon / Harassment monkey
(I swear we mean these with all the love in the world!)

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Birthday: 8 February 2022

What cartoon character am I: Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls

Favourite Toy: Ma's fingers... no her toes! Especially with socks on

Favourite Snack: Absolutely anything that is not my kibble

Favourite Activity: Biting... heheh

Dislikes: Remaining still and calm, must be moving! Always moving!

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