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Service offered from Ladysmith to Lantzville, Monday-Saturday.

We are pleased to offer private training sessions for you and your puppy or dog.

It is our belief that both positive reinforcement and appropriate corrections play an important part in your life with your dog, as does having a healthy and connected relationship. Private sessions are tailored to your specific needs and we head in to them with an open mind and the knowledge to employ a wide range of techniques, selecting those which suit you best.

Please note, while we are happy to walk you through an e-collar and how they work during a private training session,  e-collar training itself is a separate program. See further down this page for more information.

  • Start your puppy off on the right paw with a pack of four sessions, tailored to meet your needs and the dog you envision your puppy becoming.

  • Work on some recall with your older dog who has taken to following their nose, or greeting everybody in the park to try and charm a treat out of them.

  • Learn how to have a more peaceful home and involve your dog more successfully in your day to day life.

  • We can also help with the fun stuff like trick training, getting your dog to weave between your legs, or leap off your knee to catch a disc; or even just getting your dog to bring a ball/toy back

Whatever your goal or challenge, get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

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Private Training

$115 + GST

1 hour

In person, at our location or yours*
*Travel fee may apply

$440 + GST

4x 1 hour sessions

In person, at our location or yours*
*Travel fee may apply

$20 + GST

within 40min round trip

for any travel outside of Cedar/Cassidy/Yellowpoint

$30 + GST

40-60min round trip

for any travel outside of Cedar/Cassidy/Yellowpoint

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Offered at our home in the countryside of Cedar, Vancouver Island

Troublesome behaviour got you down? Is your dog pulling like a sled dog, running off down the beach like a race hound? Are you struggling with frustration or reactivity - how about your dog? Do they guard their toys or food, play keep away, jump on you, on the counter?

Board & Train programs are tailored to suit YOUR goals with your dog, and help you get a headstart on a lifestyle you can enjoy together. Keep in mind though, your dog will come home trained - but you will need training too, and to follow through on your homework!

  • Adult Board & Train - 3 weeks
    Available to dogs 9 months or older. More serious behaviour may require additional time to address.

  • Puppy Board & Train - 2 weeks
    Available at our discretion for puppies under 9 months old, with no serious behaviour challenges (think aggression or resource guarding!)

  • Additional weeks
    Available as add-ons if necessary to tackle troublesome behaviour

Each program includes:

  • Day after drop off check in by phone call

  • Weekly update phone call

  • 90 minute go home session

  • Two 60 minute follow up sessions

What behaviours do we work with?

  • Reactivity to dogs, cars, humans 

  • Over-excitement, anxiety, restlessness

  • Jumping up, mouthing

  • Stubbornness, pushiness

  • Destruction

  • Fear and insecurity

  • Frustration

  • Prey-drive

What behaviours and commands do we teach?

  • Calmness & co-operation

  • Crate

  • Place

  • Recall

  • Sit/Down

  • Heel

  • Out (drop *item* and/or move away from *something* - toy, human, food etc)

  • No (stop behaviour)

  • Indirect socialisation and exposure to other dogs and animals

  • Direct socialisation with staff dogs AT OUR DISCRETION*

*not suitable for dogs with dog or human aggression 

How do we train them?

Every adult board and train dog will be trained on the e-collar. This simple tool, when used correctly and fairly, helps to create and maintain behaviour in a simple to understand fashion for human and dog.

We pair the ecollar with rewards which motivate your dog, and bring joy to the training process. This could be toys, food, praise or even getting to check out the pee mail on that corner post!

Depending on your dog's sensitivity to leash pressure, they may be trained on a martingale, prong collar or slip lead at our discretion.

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Board & Train

$3150 + GST

3 weeks (21 days)

Minimum duration for adult dogs and puppies over 9 months. Additional weeks may be added if necessary with prior discussion. Includes e-collar, bungy strap and prong collar or slip leash.

$2300 + GST

2 weeks (14 days)

Available for puppies under 9 months of age only, excluding aggression or serious resource guarding. Equipment to be discussed at time of booking.

$850 + GST

per additional week (7 days)

May be added at time of booking, or during program if deemed necessary - with owner approval.

Training Options: Price List


Service currently offered from Ladysmith to Lantzville, Monday-Saturday.

E-collars. Sounds scary? Well they don't have to be, not anymore. 

Introduced gently and humanely, our e-collar training can provide you with rock solid communication and obedience with your dog. Simply put, the sensation of the e-collar is applied at the same time as leash pressure. Once you graduate to removing the physical leash, you then have a remote one, in the form of the e-collar, to give guidance to your dog when needed.

Cues are introduced in a manner which results in your dog 'controlling' the pressure, or stim, applied. This can  have a calming effect for nervous or exuberant dogs when done correctly, as they gain clarity over what is expected of them.

We use high quality, blunt stimulation e-collars only, introduced at the lowest level your dog can perceive. Chances are, this is so low YOU won't even be able to feel it.

How does reliable recall sound? What about a nice, offleash heel when passing by other dogs, humans and animals? If you are interested, but want to learn more first, we offer an introductory consult with the cost going towards your five session pack if you decide to proceed.

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E-collar Training

$50 + GST

Introductory 30 min session

Learn about the e-collar and how it works. Take away the mystery!
In person, at our location.

$900 + GST

5x 1 hour sessions; including e-collar and bungy strap

In person, at our location or yours*
*Travel fee may apply

$20 + GST

for any travel outside of Cedar/Cassidy/Yellowpoint


Training Options: Price List
Training Options: Testimonials

Melody helped us by introducing E-Collar training to our dog Ralph which has drastically changed how he reacts in high stimulus situations (bikers, walkers, a garbage can looking at him the wrong way, etc.). He has become a completely different dog in these situations, and I can honestly say we wouldn't have been able to do it without Melody assisting us. Our two border collies LOVE going on hikes with her and I am pretty sure at the end of the hike they don't want to come home to us boring folk at all! The E-collar training has helped with Ralph's on leash and off leash skills, and both of our dogs get to enjoy the long hikes with their pack buddies! We highly recommend Melody for all your training needs!

Renee Brown

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