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Humans heading away without you? Want to stay somewhere comfortable instead of a concrete kennel? Do regular hikes sound amazing?!

Book in for a Sleep-paw-ver at our country cottage on 5 acres in Cedar. You will get to hang out with our three Pooch Chaperones and spend your time in a friendly, home environment.

Availability is limited. Your dog must also be well crate trained for the comfort and safety of all residents in the house.

There is a resident cat on site, Skid. He is dog savvy, however this is his home too. If your dog has known aggression towards cats, or a high prey drive, please disclose this so we can make safe arrangements for everybody.

*Available for hiking clients only.

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Per night, any regularly scheduled or additional hikes are included (excluding the final day). Pickup after 12pm on the final day incurs a 1/2 day charge, hikes on the final day are charged separately.

$70 + GST

Single Dog

$128 + GST

Double Dog

$174 + GST

Triple Dog

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