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For your peace of mind, and ours, we have invested in state of the art GPS tracking collars for our packs.

We have 2 Garmin Alpha 10 remotes and 12 Garmin T20/T5X tracking only collars. This system allows us to track your dog in the event they are separated from the pack. With a range of up to 8km, these collars allow us to track their movements and predict the best way to get them reunited with owners and pack.

GPS collars are worn in our Take to the Trails, Train for the Trails and Sleep-paw-ver programs.

Please note, these are NOT e-collars. Dogs who wear e-collars on our hikes, do so with prior training and owner permission only. E-collars are a separate unit.

GPS Collars & Hike Safety: About


Each dog is fitted with a martingale collar from Vancouver Island companies Continental Pet Company/Dogs Do Smile. 

These collars are made of tough biothane, with a short chain section. This means if a dog pulls backward into the collar they are unable to slip out - an important safety feature when walking with a pack! Each collar also has a quick release buckle to enable quick removal if needed.

If your vet recommends against a martingale collar for medical reasons specific to your dog, please contact us to discuss alternate options.

GPS Collars & Hike Safety: About


You will see from our photos, some pack members wearing longlines and/or bear bells. This can be for many reasons, some of which include:


  • Working on reliable recall around distractions

  • Nervous or shy when handled - enables us to secure a dog without too much pressure

  • They like to play the catch me game

  • New dogs who are still settling in

  • Over-excited dogs working on manners

  • Learning how to leave sticks alone (creating a reliable drop cue)

  • And more!

Bear bells

  • They like running alongside in the bushes, lets us hear them and keep better track

  • Nervous or shy dogs at greater risk of separating from the pack

  • 'Front-runners' who like to hang out at the head of the pack, lets other trail users know we are approaching

  • Hunting dogs who like to dart off trail after a squirrel

  • And more!

GPS Collars & Hike Safety: About
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