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Mon/Wed AM & PM/Fri: Nanaimo

Tue/Thu AM & PM: Cedar/Yellowpoint

Minimum attendance of once per week is required.

Your dog will be picked up in the morning between 7:30am-9am in our 'decked out for dogs' Dodge Grand Caravan, Drop off is between approximately 11am-1pm.

They will ride in temperature controlled comfort as we pick up the rest of the team, a strong emphasis on relaxing in the van and respecting the space of our fellow hikers. As we reach the day's wilderness destination, the theme of respect continues on trail, along with a healthy dose of fun of course! Your dog will be reinforced for checking in, recall, holding sit/down stays and more.

We operate on a 'positive first' training basis, offering tasty treats for awesome behaviour and setting expectations for trail manners. We are open to a variety of tools and methods, although some may not be suitable for use on trail. The enjoyment and safety of all hikers is our highest priority.

We accept intact male and female puppies under one year, and those older on a case by case basis for a small surcharge. Females must not hike for 4 weeks from initial day of each heat.

*Your dog will be required to attend at least two Train for the Trail sessions prior to joining the pack. If they have attended a professional board & train program, have excellent training, or have been with another dog walker and have sufficient skills, this may be waived.

To book your consult, contact us today!

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$42 + GST

Single Dog

$399 + GST

Single Dog
PREPAID 10 pack

$74 + GST

Double Dog

$719+ GST

Double Dog
PREPAID 10 pack

$2 + GST

Intact male surcharge (over one year)

$3 + GST

Intact female surcharge (over one year)

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