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$900 + GST /five 1hr sessions and high quality collar system with complimentary bungy strap included. Additional sessions $100 + GST/each

Introductory 30 min consult $50 + GST, if we proceed to book five sessions this goes towards the cost of your sessions

E-collar Training: Text

Service currently offered from Ladysmith to Lantzville, Monday-Saturday.

E-collars. Sounds scary? Well they don't have to be, not anymore. 

Introduced gently and humanely, our e-collar training can provide you with rock solid communication and obedience with your dog. Simply put, the sensation of the e-collar is applied at the same time as leash pressure. Once you graduate to removing the physical leash, you then have a remote one, in the form of the e-collar, to give guidance to your dog when needed.

Cues are introduced in a manner which results in your dog 'controlling' the pressure, or stim, applied. This can  have a calming effect for nervous or exuberant dogs when done correctly, as they gain clarity over what is expected of them.

We use high quality, blunt stimulation e-collars only, introduced at the lowest level your dog can perceive. Chances are, this is so low YOU won't even be able to feel it.

How does reliable recall sound? What about a nice, offleash heel when passing by other dogs, humans and animals? If you are interested, but want to learn more first, we offer an introductory consult with the cost going towards your five session pack if you decide to proceed.

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E-collar Training: Testimonials

Melody helped us by introducing E-Collar training to our dog Ralph which has drastically changed how he reacts in high stimulus situations (bikers, walkers, a garbage can looking at him the wrong way, etc.). He has become a completely different dog in these situations, and I can honestly say we wouldn't have been able to do it without Melody assisting us. Our two border collies LOVE going on hikes with her and I am pretty sure at the end of the hike they don't want to come home to us boring folk at all! The E-collar training has helped with Ralph's on leash and off leash skills, and both of our dogs get to enjoy the long hikes with their pack buddies! We highly recommend Melody for all your training needs!

Renee Brown

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