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Hi friends! My name is Sydney and I am so lucky to be a part of the Kuri K9 Team.

I am a passionate person all around, so working with dogs is no different. I have had the pleasure of growing up in environments that always catered to the animals, whether it was our dogs, horses, chickens, or any other cute furball we could find and make part of our family.

With a family background in dog training, fostering rescues and working with all different types of dogs, it was a no brainer that I make my attempt at joining Melody on her journey to creating successful and positive relationships between animal and human.

I have lived on Vancouver Island for almost 6 years now, and don't know if it would be possible to call anywhere else home. Moving here allowed me to change my lifestyle in a way that suited me and my crazy 3 year old border-collie lab.

I am not only a dog lover, but a dog owner myself. My pride and joy, Stevie, has been my companion since the day I brought her home, and together we have worked through a handful of obstacles and are always striving to be a better team. The knowledge and experience she has taught me is priceless.

Seeing the companionship that dogs bring to our lives is an absolute dream. I am so excited to meet you and your dogs for our weekly adventures! See you on the trail!

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