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My name is Shae Carson and my almost two year old Dutch Shepherd's name is Riker.
I have had my own dog since I was 17 and have always been passionate about them. From early on I knew I liked dogs more than humans! They're my passion, heart, and soul. I could spend a day only surrounded by dogs and never be sad.

In February my husband and I moved our bus onto a property in Cedar and met Melody along the way. I joined her on a hike and mentioned that doing what she does sounds like a dream job to me. After joining on a few hikes she saw how passionate I was about dogs and threw the idea out there about me doing a couple hikes a week with/for her. Immediately the thought of doing that brought me joy as I've always dreamt about doing something with dogs, I just didn't know what.

Since having that first conversation with Melody, I have gotten Canine First Aid Certified, been shadowing Melody on every hike I can fit into my schedule, and been spending lots of time researching dogs.

Working with my dog Riker who is somewhat reactive with people, I've learned how to cope and adapt my lifestyle and training methods with the help of Melody. Having to learn new ways to train and work with my dog has sparked an interest in training. Along the way I plan on taking some courses to grow my skills with dog training and knowledge on behaviour.

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