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I have always been an animal lover. Growing up, I did everything I could to be around animals.  

In my early adulthood I got my own little amazing chihuahua, Winnie, and became certified as a dog trainer through West Coast Canine Academy, where I learned to work with reactive dogs. I fell in love with handling animals with some sort of reactivity. My little chihuahua has been an amazing assistant. Her confident, yet sweet demeanour has won over the love of many dog reactive dogs. I love learning to understand their triggers, what motivates them, and getting to know their individual personalities. 

Together my chihuahua and I got into dog sitting and through a wonderful lady we got into farm sitting. This really enhanced my animal handling skills and ability to manage and care for animals of different sizes, personalities, and health conditions.

I have been living in the Cowichan Valley for three years and I want to continue to grow, learn about animal behaviour and help others.

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